Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Get a Girlfriend Back

This term is one of the most searched when it comes to finding information in the “how to… girlfriend” strata. This is also one of the most competitive in terms of people trying to sell an ebook to you as people who search the term “how to get a girlfriend back” are usually thought of as “ripe for the picking” as they are overwhelmed with negative emotions and are desperate to recapture their “lost love”

My position in terms of how to get your girlfriend back is simple – don’t get her back. Get someone new.

The exception to this rule is if its your fault and your girlfriend caught you cheating or something to that effect. Or perhaps you’re the one who dumped her then realized you “made a mistake” then want her back (just like in the movies). If the reason of the breakup isn’t any of the above, then it means, that SHE dumped YOU.

The first two causes of the breakup gives the “guily feelings” to you. The last reason gives you the feeling of rejection. Why would you want to get back with someone who wronged you like that? It is actually better for you to move on.

There have been a lot of great men who have made such an event a springboard for their future success (I’m not sure if you know the story of Will Smith when he was a teenager I think where he said that his desire to succeed started after he caught his girlfriend cheating on him).

Now, just because I do not recommend that you get back with your girlfriend after she dumps you, doesn’t mean that I won’t teach you how in this post. I just wanted my position to be clear on the matter.

Okay, How do you get your ex-girlfriend back. Its simple – understand the behavior that made her feel that she had to dump you, then understand the behavior that will make her feel the opposite. Of course, as simple as this concept is, its not as easy to implement.

I did however, mention in this blog that its not who you are perse, its how you make them FEEL is what matters when it comes to matters of “the heart” (or in some cases, other body parts ;)). Once you understand the basic principle of making her feel a certain way so she can respond a certain way, then you are on your way.

Okay, now for more concrete actions that you can do to get your ex-girlfriend back:

1) Get a life – its more likely that one of the reasons that she dumped you is that you have revolved you whole universe around her. I know for a fact that this is probably the case as you wouldn’t probably search “how to get your girlfriend back” if you had more things in your life that give you joy.

2) Give her some space – give her the gift of “missing you.” If she is still single after she dumps you, there will be moments that she will be thinking of you. Trust me on this. If she dumped you for someone else then she will make comparisons one way or another. Besides, you will need to give her space so that you can do the next tip.

3) Flirt / date other women – this does a couple of things. First, it makes you improve your knowledge in terms of how to attract the opposite sex as you go about practicing the principle of “its all about how you make them feel.” 2nd – it will make you seem more attractive in her eyes as she will see all these other women wanting you. Oyeah, make sure she sees or knows about these other women one way or the other.

4) Keep in touch – this is when you just act as a friend. Make sure you don’t do any drama or beg her to go back with you. Just treat her as your “wingwoman” or buddy.

As you do this, be aware of what is happening in her life. There comes moments in a woman’s life where they are more prone to someone advances. It really depends on a lot of factors such as their hormones and the events in their life.

When the moment comes, as she sees you being happy and all and she also sees how other women find you attractive and so on and so forth, she will start thinking to herself “did I make a mistake.” You will find that she will all of a sudden be more available to you.

When this happens, all you have to do is setup the right environment where you can “rekindle” your relationship. In her mind, it will be something that “just happened” as if you two were meant to be.

Generally, in long term seductions, which is the case when you try to get a girlfriend (whether a friend or your ex) the method of making a girl think that “it just happened” is the best way to go.