Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcome to The Tips on How to get a Girlfriend Easy blog

In most blogs or websites that deal with this or any how to for that matter, it is common practice for the author to start off with dazzling stories of how good he is - in this particular case, with women.

Sure, I can tell you that I am great with women, that I have had a lot of girlfriends, one night stands, multiple girlfriends and what not, but I think those things are secondary to the content that I will place on this blog. Which is why I am going to post here as an anonymous guy. I am not interested in getting recognition or fans for what I do here. Mostly in part that I do not want to get asked the same questions all over and over again on getting a girlfriend, how to maintain them, how to get a girlfriend if you are in highschool, or if you are a nerd and so on and so forth.

The tips I will provide here will be general as to be applicable to all ages and cultures. One can argue that the women in one culture is different from the other and what it takes to get a girlfriend in one has to be customized... well... in extreme cases I will agree. So I guess the tips here will be for countries where women are allowed to wear skirt and show a little bit of cleavage. With that kind of level of freedom of expression, there are general tendencies that we can make use of to get the girlfriend we desire. But lets face it, if you are reading this blonde, I think its better to start with getting a girlfriend first before we focus on how to get THE girlfriend. I will talk about that too in length but in future posts.

I will also cover some specific posts based on your personality profile and you "age" - for lack of a better term. As this is sort of rated PG I wont answer some of the more popular queries that you can find in google where a kid asks how to get a girlfriend in his pre-teen years. Maybe only until highschool. Being and keeping myself anonymous will more or less allow me to be more liberal on what I post here on matters that can be done by an individual that is not of voting age yet.

Okay, I digress, the point of this first post is just to welcome you guys. Whether or not you agree with me or the material presented here is of no consequence for me. I do ask however, that you keep an open mind when reading this and to test what I say in its context as the tips I will give you is not re-hashed theory from other sources. The things I will write here are all field tested and based on "case studies" so to speak. Some of the concepts will be similar to that of the so called seduction community, but rest assured, these are the ones that are based on real data rather than just books.

Enough blabbing from me... for the last time - welcome!